Desi Talk – that’s all you need to know Facebook 11 January 19, 2018 CITY VIEWS By Elahe Izadi omedian Aziz Ansari has publicly responded to allegations of sexu- al impropriety detailed in a story published over the weekend, say- ing in a statement that his encounter with a woman "by all indica- tions was completely consensual." In a piece published Saturday on , a 23-year-old photographer from Brooklyn described a date with the comic that allegedly ended with him forcefully kissing her in his apartment and trying to have sex with her repeatedly. She told the outlet that it was "painful" watching Ansari accept his Golden Globe last week while wearing a Time's Up pin in support of combating sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. "I believe that I was taken advantage of by Aziz," the woman told . "I was not listened to and ignored. It was by far the worst experience with a man I've ever had." Ansari confirmed, via his statement, that he had met the woman at a September party, exchanged numbers and went on a date that ended with sexual activity. "The next day, I got a text from her say- ing that although 'it may have seemed okay,' upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable," Ansari said. "It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said." He added: "I continue to support the movement that is happening in our cul- ture. It is necessary and long overdue." The detailed story, which included the woman saying she tried to move away from Ansari and her describing "verbal and non-verbal cues," also sparked a debate around consent and the mass reckoning on sexual misconduct. Ansari has publicly declared himself a feminist and co-wrote a NewYork Times bestseller with a prominent sociologist about dating and love in the digital era. He also won best TV actor in a comedy at the Golden Globes on Sunday for his role on "Master of None," the Netflix series he co-created. A storyline in the second season involves Ansari's character discov- ering a likable showbiz friend and partner is a serial sexual harasser, and the fallout after the allegations become public. "I think it was around the time Roger Ailes was getting all these reports filed against him, and the same way it hap- pened for Bill O'Reilly," Ansari told Vulture in May 2017. "So it was like, 'Okay, what if this is one of those types of guys and we just get the audience to love him? And then pull the rug out from under them at the end and reveal that he's actually not a good dude?'" - T HE W ASHINGTON P OST Aziz Ansari Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegation C By StaffWriter B rooklyn-based NewYork University Tandon School of Engineering, in partnership with NewYork City Cyber Command, launched the NewYork Cyber Fellows initiative Jan. 10. The pro- gram is described as a unique, affordable online cybersecurity master’s degree pro- gram. It has been designed in conjunction with leading NewYork City employers to address the acute shortage of highly trained technical professionals in the city and nation, a press release fromTSE said. The NYU engineering school was renamed NewYork University Tandon School of Engineering following a $100 million dona- tion Oct. 5, 2015, from Indian-American philanthropists Chandrika and Ranjan Tandon to build on the engineering school’s cross-disciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives. A U.S. News & World Report announced NYU Tandon's online graduate program in Computer Information Technology tied for No. 2 . in the nation and the best in the Northeast region, NYUTandon noted in a Jan. 11 press release. According to NYUTandon, The NY Cyber Fellows program answers a call from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s "NewYorkWorks" initiative to add 10,000 cybersecurity experts to the city’s workforce within a decade. It offers scholarships of as much as 75 percent of tuition to U.S. residents, bringing the total tuition to $15,000 for the entire program—lowest of any cybersecu- rity master’s degree program in NewYork City. Applications are now open and the deadline to apply for the fall semester is May 1. “A more affordable degree in this field means more NewYorkers will develop the skills to defend our digital city and land a great job. We’re proud to work in partner- ship with NYU’s Tandon School to launch the program this fall and I encourage New Yorkers to apply now,” Mayor Bill de Blasio is quoted saying in the press release. “This is exactly the kind of program NewYork needs to attract companies in this fast- growing sector, and to help NewYorkers compete for those good jobs.” As part of the fellowships, NYC Cyber Command (NYC3), which leads the City of NewYork’s cyber defense efforts, plans to offer Cyber Fellows access to the NYC3 Cyber Range—a virtual laboratory with realistic simulation for hands-on training and development. “The Cyber Range will expose students to simulation, testing, and research into a wide range of security and technology concerns associated with securing one of the largest digital cities in the world,” sGeoff Brown, NewYork City Chief Information Security Officer and Head of NYC Cyber Command, is quoted saying in the press release, adding, “We’re proud to support a program that opens up a career in cyber defense to more students, allow- ing the next generation of cyber profes- sionals to better resemble the diversity of the society they will be charged to pro- tect.” To shape the program, NYU Tandon said it elicited curriculum recommenda- tions from NYC Cyber Command and leading sectors of the city’s economy. Business partners include Blackstone, Bridgewater Associates, EY LLC, Goldman Sachs, IBM Security, Jefferies, Loki Labs, Morgan Stanley, and Synack. “Perhaps the most important element of the NewYork Cyber Fellows program is the way it will reflect our collaboration with influential NewYork employers including NYC Cyber Command to ensure students get the pre- cise hands-on education they need,” said Professor Nasir Memon, founder of NY. Aziz Ansari Mayor De Blasio Lauds New Tandon School Of Engineering And NYC Masters Program JayMandal/On Assignment New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. M A K E T H E C I T Y Y O U R C L A S S R O OM ( 212 ) 2 2 0 -12 6 5 Start Here. Go Anywhere.