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13 November 24, 2017 CITY VIEWS – that’s all you need to know By Ruchi Vaishnav -EDISON, NJ umerous wedding planners, DJs, banquet facilities and boutiques from NewYork, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were present to network with bride-to-be and groom-to-be at the Grand Dulhan Expo, in Secaucus, New Jersey, on November 19. Walking around the Meadowlands Exposition Center, one was immersed in an Indian wedding setting itself, in fact many, as there were at least five mandaps put up throughout the location and live entertainment was provided by local talent who sang romantic Bollywood songs. Fashion shows took place throughout the day showcasing different attire for brides and grooms. But mostly people came for the food and shopping. Organized as food stalls, a way that one would normally find at weddings, restau- rants from the NewYork/New Jersey area served guests with authentic Indian food and boutique stores sold Indian clothing and jewelry. The Grand Dulhan Expo gave good ideas and insight for the soon-to-be dul- hans, dulhas and their families on how to go about each and every aspect of the wed- ding, from food and catering to DJs and entertainment to decorations and man- daps to mehndi, make-up and attire, and the options out there. Grand Dulhan Expo In New Jersey: Planning For The Perfect DreamWedding N