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Bollywood pro-
moter was con-
victed of charges
that he hired three
men to injure his ex-wife at
her Fremont, Calif., home
last year. Rakesh Paul Singh,
55, of Milpitas, Calif., was
convicted by an Alameda
County jury May 6, of
aggravated mayhem and
conspiracy to commit
aggravated mayhem for the
attack last year on Singh’s
ex-wife for $500, believing
that she was seeing another
man, reported.
Singh had reportedly
orchestrated the attack to
make it look like a robbery.
Singh faces seven years to
life in prison when he is
sentenced June 2.
The woman, whose
name wasn’t released, was
treated at Regional Hospital
of San Jose for cuts to her
cheeks, neck and ears,
which required stitches and
caused permanent facial
damage, the San Jose
Mercury News reported.
Police eventually
learned Singh paid 28-
year-old Sunnyvale resi-
dent Ricardo Alejandro
Rivera $500 to hire two
men to deface her after
she refused to reconcile
their relationship. The
couple divorced in
January 2012 but had
met on many occasions
to discuss the relation-
ship, the San Jose
Mercury News report
The woman was
walking to her car about
9 a.m. on Feb. 11, 2013,
when she was attacked by
two men armed with a mal-
let and a knife,
reported. Additionally, wit-
nesses testified that Singh
had orchestrated similar
attacks on former business
partners in the past in other
jurisdictions, the San Jose
Mercury News reported.
The victim told police
she believed Singh was
responsible for the attack,
which happened hours
after she told him she didn’t
want to reconcile. She also
told investigators that Singh
had previously hired people
to attack a former business
partner in Tracy (San
Joaquin County), Fremont
police Detective Armando
Magana wrote in an affi-
Witnesses gave police the
license plate number of a
Jeep that drove away from
the attack scene. Police
traced it to Morris Paul
Kurtz, 53, of San Jose, a reg-
istered sex offender with 16
convictions for crimes
including drug and
weapons possession,
receiving stolen property,
indecent exposure, burglary
and auto theft.
Analysis of Kurtz’s cell
phone records led to two
other suspects, Donald
Harbaugh, 54, of San Jose,
who is on parole for kid-
napping for ransom, and
Ricardo Rivera, 28, of
Sunnyvale, Calif., police
said. A mallet was found in
Kurtz’s car, and Harbaugh
told police that Rivera had
Kurtz, Harbaugh and
Rivera each pleaded guilty
to mayhem. Kurtz is expect-
ed to be sentenced to nine
years in prison, Harbaugh
to 13 years and Rivera to
eight years,
Bollywood Promoter Paul Singh Convicted of AggravatedMayhem
May 16, 2014
– that’s all you need to know
Saif’s Ladylike Look in Film Amuses Kareena
ctress Kareena
Kapoor is said to
have laughed a lot
when she saw her actor-
husband Saif Ali Khan don
the look of a “sexy woman”
for a scene in Sajid Khan’s
forthcoming movie
A source says that when
the actor got ready with his
costumes and make-up
and came out of his van,
Kareena just couldn’t stop
laughing at him.
“Kareena who was on
the sets of ‘Humshakals’ for
a few days when we were
supposed to shoot for the
cross-dressing scene. She
was quite excited to see
Saif dress up like a
woman. And when Saif
stepped out of his vani-
ty van, Kareena busted
out laughing and just
didn’t stop after that,”
said the source from the
production team.
Apart from Saif, the
movie also stars Riteish
Deshmukh, Ram
Kapoor, Bipasha Basu,
Tamannaah and Esha
Produced by Vashu
Bhagnani and present-
ed by Fox Star Studios,
the film will release
June 20.
‘King of Bhangra’ Malkit Singh
Releases New Religious Album
By Bhargavi Kulkarni
unjabi singer Malkit
Singh has released
his new album“Sikh
Hon Da Man,” a religious
album of 10 songs with
Sufi elements. The U.K.-
based Singh, hailed as the
‘King of Bhangra,’ is con-
sidered among the few
Punjabi icons around in
today’s Bhangra industry.
“The album not only hon-
ors Sikhism, but all other
religions, and respects
them,” Singh told Desi
Speaking to Desi Talk
while on a promotional
tour in NewYork, Singh
said the album is mainly
targeted towards the
younger generation, which
doesn’t knowmuch about
their culture, heritage and
religion. Videos of a few
tracks “Sikh Hon Da
Maan”, “Chaare Vaar Gaya”,
“Dastaar”, “Aaja Gur Nanak
Aaja Mereh Sahib” and
“Jindeh,” have also been
released, Singh said,
adding that the videos
have wider appeal and
work as a promotional
agent for the song. The
videos were shot in India
and the U.K., Singh said.
In 2008 Singh was hon-
ored by Queen Elizabeth II
at Buckingham Palace in
London with the award of
Member of the Most
Excellent Order of the
British Empire.
As an international
recording and touring
artist, Singh said he has
performed at internation-
ally acclaimed venues in
over 36 countries. Having
recorded 22 albums to
date, some of Singh’s songs
have also featured on the
big screen – “Jind Mahi” in
“Bend It Like Beckham,”
and “Gurh Nalon Ishq
Mitha” in “Monsoon
Wedding,” In addition, his
trademark anthem“Tutak
Toothiyan,” is the best-
selling Bhangra song of all
time and the album“Up
Front,” which featured the
song, received a platinum
disc, his Facebook page
says. Singh has also been
recognized in the
Millennium Edition of the
Guinness Book ofWorld
Records as the “Best
Selling Bhangra Solo Artist
in theWorld” for the song.
According to informa-
tion on his Facebook page,
Singh was born in the vil-
lage Hussainpur near
Jalandhar, Punjab, the eld-
est child of five and started
singing at the tender age of
He attended a local
school in his village where
his talent was quickly rec-
ognized. He then carried
his talent through to col-
lege where he participated
in competitions and won
many awards.
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