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By Subhash K. Jha
fter the end of campaign-
ing for the Lok Sabha polls,
Congress candidate from
the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha con-
stituency and veteran Bollywood
actor Raj Babbar has returned to
the shooting of his film“Tevar” in
In “Tevar”, he plays an honest
police officer. “I want to stress the
fact that the cop I play is an hon-
est cop. It’s very essential to show
India’s politics and bureaucracy in
a favorable light. Not all politi-
cians and civil servants are as cor-
rupt as they’re shown in our
films,” said Babbar.
In fact, one of the reasons why
Raj Babbar is taking the break
between the end of the election
campaign and poll results May 16
as an opportunity to shoot his
pending portion for “Tevar”, is
because of the positive light in
which his character is portrayed.
Apparently, the prolific actor
who has played villainous parts in
many films in the past, including
his notorious career-making
“Insaaf Ka Tarazu”, is done with
playing negative characters in
films.”In my 35-year film career,
I’ve played it all, the good, bad
and the ugly. I have no craving to
be in films just for the heck of it.
There has to be a good reason for
me to do a film. My constituency
keeps me busy otherwise,” he
He finds key changes in
moviemaking now.
“Filmmaking has become a
very time consuming process
now. Earlier everyone did their
work and left. Now during shoot-
ing, everyone crowds around the
monitor to mull over every shot.
That’s a great way to work. But it
doesn’t suit my schedules.
“I’ve just a small role in ‘Tevar’,
which I agreed to do because I
wanted to portray our much-
maligned bureaucracy in a good
light. It’s a two-day shoot. Then I
return to Ghaziabad for the elec-
tion results,” he said.
The actor-politician says the
election campaign has been
exhausting but satisfying. “Unlike
most other candidates from the
entertainment industry, I am not
in my constituency to campaign
and move on. Ghaziabad is my
home, my life. God willing, I’ll be
elected again,” he said.
ollywood playback
singer Ankit Tiwari, who
was arrested here on
charges of allegedly rap-
ing his former girlfriend,
was on May 12 remanded in judi-
cial custody till May 26, his lawyer
“The prosecution sought his
police custody as they wanted to
recover Tiwari’s mobile phone
and some clothes. However,
Railway Mobile Court Magistrate
S.C. Jadhav granted the judicial
custody,” lawyer Nagesh Mishra
told IANS.
Mumbai police arrested Tiwari
on May 8 and he was granted
police custody till May 12, while
his brother Ankur secured a bail.
The Tiwari brothers have
alleged a conspiracy by their pro-
fessional rivals after Ankit
achieved nationwide fame with
his popular numbers like “Sun
Rahai Hai Tu” in the recent block-
buster, “Aashiqui 2” and other
songs. Soon after his arrest,
Tiwari’s family and Mishra con-
tended that Ankit had not met the
woman for over a year.
According to Mishra, Tiwari
has been charged under Sections
376 (rape), 417 (cheating) and 493
(cohabitation by a man deceitful-
ly inducing a belief of lawful mar-
riage) of the Indian Penal Code.
Singer Ankit Tiwari in Judicial Custody till May 26
omedian-actor Krushna
Abhishek, who was appre-
ciated for his performance
in the movie “Bol Bachchan”, will
nowmake his big screen appear-
ance in “It’s Entertainment” with
Akshay Kumar. He says the enter-
tainer is for children.
“Genuinely, after a long time,
there is a film coming for kids. ‘It’s
Entertainment’ is strictly for kids.
In the film, we have Akshay
Kumar, myself and a dog and
three of us go to solve a case,”
Krushna said. “It’s a great film and
children will enjoy it. This film is
also important for Akshay as he
will be seen back in his ‘Hera
Pheri’ mode,” added Krushna,
who believes his chemistry with
Akshay is “awesome” in the film.
Meanwhile, Krushna is also
upset that his film“Hook Ya
Crook”, 70 percent of which was
shot, got shelved.
“My debut filmwas supposed
to be ‘Hook Ya Crook’, but unfor-
tunately it got shelved. I shot the
entire film, but it got shelved. It is
very disappointing,” said the
actor, who is currently hosting the
new season of TV show
“Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi
‘It’s Entertainment’ Strictly for Kids: Krushna Abhishek
May 16, 2014
– that’s all you need to know
ilmmaker Guddu Dhanoa,
who directed the 2000
Bollywood film“Bichhoo”,
is set to make a sequel to the
movie, and he will bring back
Bobby Deol to play the lead in
it. Dhanoa told IANS: “It is true
that Bobby Deol has agreed to
play the lead in ‘Bichhoo 2’. It’s
a very special film for me.”
The director is credited with
films like “Elaan”, “Ziddi” and
“Aflatoon”, and currently he
wants to remain tight-lipped
about his new project at hand.
“At this point of time I can’t
reveal anything about my sub-
ject.We are still scripting and
finalizing the dates of our
actors, so I can’t say when the
filmwill start rolling.We are
also busy finalizing the leading
lady for the film,” he added.
The original “Bichhoo”
starred Rani Mukerji as the
female lead.
Bobby Deol to Play Lead in ‘Bichhoo 2’
Raj Babbar Back to ‘Tevar’
By Subhash K Jha
atrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle
who makes her acting
debut in Jean-François
Pouliot’s “Dr. Cabbie”, a film
about an Indian doctor moon-
lighting as a taxi driver in the
U.S., is said to have given up
plans of pursuing a Bollywood
“While Katrina has no interest
in a film career outside
Bollywood, her sister Isabelle
who was supposed to join
Katrina in Bollywood has decid-
ed against it,” said a source close
to the family.
“It was felt by Katrina that the
two sisters with similar personal-
ities in the same entertainment
industry can never work for the
younger sister. Katrina doesn’t
want Isabelle to end up being the
poor man’s Katrina. The two sis-
ters will pursue their acting
careers in mutually exclusive
domains,” the source added.
Hence, the family has collec-
tively decided that Isabelle
would pursue an international
career vis-a-vis a career in
“Isabelle took on ‘Dr. Cabbie’
as a starter because it was not
really an Indian film but a
Canadian project. Although the
title role is played by Vinay
Virmani and Isabelle is not cast
opposite him, she loved the
script and wanted to be part of it.
“Also her co-star is Kunal
Nayyar, who is a major diaspora
actor abroad.”
However, the source adds that
Isabelle had to audition for her
part in “Dr. Cabbie” like any
Isabelle’s co-star Vinay
Virmani from“Dr. Cabbie” is all
praise for her. “Isabelle is very
good in the film. She has all the
star qualities of Katrina, plus the
advantage of being in no hurry to
become a star,” he said.
No Bollywood
for Isabelle Kaif?
inematic icon
Rajinikanth, who is
working with Sonakshi
Sinha for a Tamil film, is said
to be impressed with
Bollywood actress’ acting and
quick adaptability.
Sonakshi is making her
Tamil debut with Rajinikanth-
starrer “Lingaa” and they were
both seen shooting in Mysore
“It is Sonakshi’s debut in
the south and we all are quite
fascinated, including
Rajinikanth sir, with how she
has adapted to the southern
movie so quickly,” said a
source close to the produc-
tion team.
“Even though it is a com-
pletely foreign language for
Sonakshi, she has been pretty
quick with the shooting and
all the scenes are coming out
perfect in the first shot itself,”
the source added.
The film is directed by K.S.
Sonakshi and Anushka
Shetty will be playing the
female leads in the film, for
which double Oscar-winning
composer A.R. Rahman will
compose the tunes.
Sonakshi Sinha
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