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January 23, 2015
n a major breakthrough, sending a
strong message to organised pirates of
content in the digital space, certain mem­
bers of Indian Broadcasting Foundation
(“IBF”) have succeeded in their efforts to re­
move their channels from recently launched
android and ios applications of ‘Chitram TV’
on Google and Apple play stores.
Chitram TV is an IPTV/OTT service
provider which has been illegally broadcast­
ing the signals of the Indian origin channels
Zee, MSM (Sony), Star and Viacom and cer­
tain other regional Indian television net­
works which are members of IBF) for quite
some time. Recently Chitram TV launched
its mobile application on android and ios de­
vices in an attempt to widen its distribution
and reach. The broadcasters took up the
issue of Chitram’s illegal broadcast and
Apple and Google have now removed these
channels from their ios and Android plat­
forms. This is a major victory for the mem­
bers of IBF in their fight against online
These Indian broadcasters, who have joined
hands to collectively fight digital piracy, are
considering initiating legal proceedings
against Chitram TV and other pirate plat­
forms in multiple jurisdictions outside.
None of the members of IBF (viz. Zee, MSM
(Sony), Star and Viacom) has authorised
Chitram TV to carry their channels on any
media platform let alone digital. IBF under­
stands that Chitram TV continues to distrib­
ute the Indian channels via IPTV/OTT
particularly outside India. IBF members
have buckled up to fight the pirates like
Chitram TV to preserve the integrity of their
channels and content.
More information about IBF and its mem­
bers can be obtained by visiting its website
Major Indian Channels Removed From
Chitram TV
oneyGram International (NAS­
DAQ: MGI), a leading global
money transfer company and
sponsor of the International Cricket Council,
is once again uniting cricket fans in the U.S.
and Canada with the launch of the ultimate
Cricket Fanzone on the popular cricket web­
The exciting promotion allows cricket fans
in both countries to sign their names and
cheer for their favorite teams online. When a
cheer is submitted, each fan will be entered
into a contest to win tickets and accommo­
dations to Australia to watch a game live
during the quarter finals and finals in
Fans can log on and cheer every day until
February 15. To increase the odds of win­
ning, they can also post their cheer on Face­
book and anytime a friend cheers from that
link, the fan earns more cheer credits. Other
prizes such as speaker docks, cameras,
watches and a tablet are also up for grabs.
For U.S. fans, visit:
and for
MoneyGram Launches the 2015 Ultimate
Cricket Fanzone in the U.S. and Canada
At one convenient place
Our four newspapers and digital
magazine would enable you to reach
over 200,000 readers in the US from
separate niche markets within the
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This would be the highest among all
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