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February 13, 2015
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By a Staff Writer
cultural program and
live music marked the
annual gala hosted by
The Society for the
Promotion of Indian
Culture and Experience (SPICE-
Indian Club) at the UN Express
Bar Feb. 6. The event was presided
over byVijay Nambiar, U.N.
Secretary-General’s Special
Advisor on Myanmar and
Ambassador Palitha Kohona,
Permanent Representative of Sri
Lanka to the United Nations.
The venue was decorated with
colorful Indian saris and flower
garlands, and guests networked
over cocktails. The evening start-
ed with dance performances of
different genres ranging from clas-
sical to Bollywood, from fusion
dance to folk bhangra, from the
unique belly dance-Bollywood
fusion to the fascinating Gypsy
drum solo Belly dance. Performers
included Nritya SaagaramDance
Academy, Naseeb Dance Group,
Ajna Dance Company, Navrang
Dance Academy and the PBA
Bhangra Academy.
The SPICE-Indian Club was
established in 2007 as
one of the clubs under the United
Nations Staff Recreation Council
(UNSRC) at the United Nations
Headquarters in NewYork. The
club’s main objectives are to stim-
ulate interest and promote diversi-
ty in Indian arts and culture, and
foster a spirit of harmony and
understanding. Its membership is
open to staff members of the
United Nations (including U.N.
specialized agencies, programs
and funds), missions to the United
Nations, members of the press
accredited to the United Nations,
and NGOs, and their families.
Indian Club at the U.N. Hosts Annual Gala
Left, Vijay Nambiar, U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Myanmar, addresses guests at the annual gala
hosted by the The Society for the Promotion of Indian Culture and Experience (SPICE-Indian Club) at the
United Nations Express Bar Feb. 6, as Pam Suri, president of the club, looks on. Above, Julia Kulakova and
students present a Bollywood belly dance fusion. Below left, a Bharata Natyam performance at the event.
Below, guests dance to live music.
Peter Ferreira
Peter Ferreira
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