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By Ela Dutt
et in India and NewYork, “Yadvi:
The Dignified Princess” screened
at the Manhattan Film Festival
April 23, is a true story of an
Indian princess, a survivor with
strength and courage, qualities to inspire
every young girl.
And that’s what it did for Jyoti Singh and
her sister Gauri, granddaughters of
Maharani Bimal Kaur, the daughter of
Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, who
went on to become Madhya Pradesh’s
Rajmata Yadhuvansh Kumari (1922-2006).
“It’s a very positive story about my
grandmother – of a woman’s journey, a sur-
vivor,” Singh told Desi Talk. “Ultimately it
shows how she even did kheti to earn her
living, with dignity, never going back to her
father’s house, living her life with humility
and grace as she went from extreme riches
to poverty,” Singh said.
Yadhuvansh Kumari’s father was the first
King to own an aircraft in India, and some
20 Rolls-Royces, built several prominent
buildings, had a necklace custom-made by
Cartier jewelers which now sits in a muse-
um; the same man who donated the
famous Ranji Trophy and was a cricketer
The script for the docudrama is written
by Gauri Singh. Jyoti Singh, an actor based
in NewYork, plays her grandmother’s role
apart from producing and directing the
film. Well known actor Chandrachur Singh
plays Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.
Other actors include Dina Rosenmeier,
Siraj Huda, Vibhu Raghave, Aishwarya
Raghave, Nikkitasha Marawaha, Rahul
Godara, Resha Sabarwal, Bernadine Linus,
Marianne Borgo, Gauri Singh, Kuvam
Handa, and Yadvi Handa.
It took the three sisters – Ketki, Gauri
and Jyoti more than two years to develop
the story, talking to relatives and getting
the family history together, visiting the
palaces where their grandmother lived.
“We saw the strength in her. I lived with
her for 14 years,” Jyoti Singh said. Shooting
segments in India was an experience in
itself, she said. “I was ripped off in India –
But that’s a whole other story,” she says.
Jyoti Singh has several achievements in
her film career. In 2014, she won Best
Actress-short film, for “Samosa” at “The
People’s Film Festival.” She received her
training under Professor Roshan Taneja
and Tom Alter from Access to Bollywood
and did courses at NewYork Film Academy
and several studios in NewYork City, she
told Desi Talk. She was nominated for her
role in “9 Eleven” atWorld Music and
Independent Film Festival. Recently she
won “Best Director” award for her own
Film, “Yadvi-The Dignified Princess” at the
4th Indian Cine Awards.
“Yadvi” will be screened next at The
People’s Film Festival in Harlem on June 4,
the DC South Asian International Film
Festival in Rockville, MD June 11, and
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on June 17, in New
York City.
April 28, 2017
Haven’t Played Myself Onscreen,
But Would Love To: Huma Qureshi
By Sandeep Sharma
he has portrayed various characters
onscreen in films like “Gangs of
Wasseypur”, “Ek Thi Daayan”, “Dedh
Ishqiya” and “Jolly LLB 2”, but actress
Huma Qureshi says she is waiting for a
film where the character she plays
“resembles” her.
“There are times, when actors do
resemble the characters they portray
onscreen, but I don’t think I have played
myself in front of the camera. I have
always portrayed
a character.
Though I would
love to play
myself. I think I
am very interest-
ing. I need to def-
initely play
myself,” Huma
told IANS in an
“I don’t know
what I am in real
life. I can’t really
describe myself.
But what you see
onscreen that’s
not who we really
are. We are very different from the char-
acters we play onscreen,” added the
actress, who promoted diamond brand
Forevermark here earlier this week.
Huma said she has often been misun-
derstood because of her roles.
“I remember when I did my first film
‘Gangs ofWasseypur’, a lot of people
thought that I am a girl from Bihar. I
never visited Bihar before that in my life.
When people feel you are that character
in real life, then at least as actors we feel
that we have done our job nicely.
“A lot of people even thought that I
couldn’t speak in English. When they met
me, they were surprised. I belong to
Delhi and have been born and brought
up here,” she said.
Huma, who last appeared in “Jolly LLB
2”, is currently doing a “28-day cleanse”
over social media.
“I am not on a fitness regime. Basically
it is whatever I eat I will share it with my
followers on social media. The idea is to
follow a more healthier lifestyle. It is not
to lose weight or become a certain size.
It’s not for a film. It’s just a way of life,”
said Huma.
“I need to tell my followers that
healthy food is not boring or bland. In a
way, I’ve always spoken about how it’s
important for us to set better role models
for women because I see
so many people suffering
from so many health
issues,” she added.
Huma made her
Hollywood debut with
filmmaker Gurinder
Chadha’s “Viceroy’s
“It’s my first English-
language film. It was fun
and exciting working on
the project. Gurinder
(Chadha) is a very excit-
ing director to work with.
I loved the script when I
read it,” she said.
She said that Hindi
films will always be her “first love”.
“I want to stay here, but if something
interesting comes my way, then I will do
it. I don’t want to shift base and go any-
where. I am happy while living in my
country,” she said.
Huma said right now she is waiting for
the release of “Viceroy’s House” in India.
“There are more interesting things
coming up. ‘Viceroy’s House’ is going to
release in India in July or August. They
still are finalizing a date. We will have an
English and Hindi release,” she said.
“I have also finished shooting for the
film with Saqib, It’s going to release
soon,” Huma concluded.
ndian origin British supermodel
Neelam Gill will be joining Grammy
Award-winning singer Justin Bieber on
his maiden India tour in May here.
Bieber’s highly anticipated India
Purpose Tour will be held at DY Patil
Stadium here on May 10.
Gill, who has become a muse of inter-
national fashion house Burberry and
another fashion brand Abercrombie &
Fitch, is expected to arrive on May 7 with
Bieber, read a statement fromWhite Fox
India – the sole promoter of the tour in
the country.
The model, who has also worked with
rapper KanyeWest, is looking forward to
explore different fashion and entertain-
ment opportunities in the country.
Arjun Jain, Director ofWhite Fox India,
said: “The Purpose Tour in
India will be represented by a
mix of Hollywood and
Bollywood personalities.
There has been a lot of global
interest in the tour and we
are happy to host global
names on our tour and open
up relevant opportunities for
the whole global crossover.”
English actress-model
Elarica Johnson, best known
for her role in “Harry Potter
and the Half-Blood Prince”, is
also set to host Bieber’s India
Apart from India, the Asia
leg of the tour comprises Tel
Aviv and Dubai. Bieber is
touring in support of his
fourth studio album
“Purpose”, which debuted at
number one in over 100
countries and has sold over
eight million copies world-
Concert-goers can look
forward to a set list that will
surely comprise worldwide
smash hits including “Where
are u now”, “Boyfriend”,
“Love yourself” and “As long
as you love me”.
Neelam Gill To Accompany
Justin Bieber For India Gig
‘Yadvi’ – True Grit And Determination Of A Real Indian Princess
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