2 February 8, 2019 MRI Technologist Diagnostic Medical Sonography (General & Vascular) CARDIOLOGY Neurodiagnostic Technologist (EEG, EP, NCS, IONM) SURGERY Surgical Technologist Endoscopy Technician Sterile Processing Technician Pharmacy Technician Cardiovascular Sonography Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Cardiac Monitor Technician (EKG) CLINICAL Medical Assistant Electrocardiography/ Phlebotomy Technician ADMINISTRATIVE Medical Billing & Coding Financial Aid & Career Assistance ( For those who qualify*) Most In Demand Healthcare Certifications American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education RADIOLOGY NEUR LOGY GERY PHARMACOLOGY LINICAL INISTRATIVE PISCATAWAY EDISON 908-222-0002 CARDIOLOGY AIM Higher for a Career in Healthcare G lamorous Bollywood personality Manoj Kumar is coming out with a new concept of fight club leagues of martial arts in India and abroad. This concept is going to pro­ mote, especially for woman, empower­ ment, self defense, physical and mental power. The fight club will largely be pre­ sented by Manoj Kumar in various metro cities and abroad also. Speaking with Manoj Kumar, he reit­ erated his plans for the fight club. ʺI am organizing marital arts shows from the the last 10 years in various cities across India and abroad,ʺ he said. ʺMy motive behind this show is to pro­ vide self defense training to women. This is also the best game for youth for the improvement in their physical and mental thinking power.ʺ Manoj Kumar further said he would love to teach young and aspiring youths to train them for a better tomorrow, building a great and secure India to fight against negativity on the social front and to bring positive vibes for a better future of a brighter India. Bollywood's Manoj Kumar Organizes Fight Club for Women's and Youth Empowerment E-mail: Advertorial ecentl s r har Anwa nayiL nten ingoigr unde y entl r ut b ested, een t s b ha ma est b nd the fi to lla ows n who k Anyone Ac thwi nosed ga en di e by her ut b,pyar emothe h cse ette b nd a if to s need or ct the do .nayiL for h tc ng thi me the sa say lli wnayiL ag an,ai emkeu d Loily Mute ool s a b ie r a cu r nce fo ha c est b these e nt isi o ass Tch. tma r -- KJLORKZQRVUHSHKWV·HKV cer na ood c lb of m for e essiv rg nspl atr ow r /mar lel m c d ste Te B to ngin tur erawe ts, ffor HOWURIIHUHKKWLZPRRUDSXVW -rus c inayiL. yli fam erHnt. a nd h a tcaMhe ouy URPXKIRHVQHVVV dr lli o w the one wh thing yn out a b one a r d wo an ngivil After ngi nksgiv haT nia on d l ment an trpa new a y entl r cur s i She .ami cel em ood st lb s a fe i il ra popul to yra ontr C of t e i ti H ends a ifrr p he hel to ng thi y op an thing yer evd an -- e c se sh ecau b narou a j s as rea e yvfir fongik e b d to an ob a new j for yaD .kc si eel n to f aeg bnayiL fe, i cei e rltai osp of Hope H y Cit at nt. apl nsar ow t /marr l ood s l bng ti dona ,on epti onc scmi f p %03l On he wi fei es l vie l Sh.ylmi fa nd spe thing some nd s fi yawln aa d j ha nayiL,kroYew Nn st i il newd anylmi fa o her t oser cl ma or n ht was a g he thou sthaW pyar mothe he se c nten ingiv im sisw i orr s/ma l cel tem b ho need a ti can d anytosi iur ess c dl oun b th her e around onyer evn ilaci e South vit narhe to ck a ed b vo ust m wa s she ust a jt Bu ece. in n orb ut Ac e bo out t ned d tur ol cl ha c est b e her eviel s br octoD. orjma ood a l bng tina do toral h i nd a nt fi spl n th a wi rntea b y- . - for ilan Cer r nto he ingi s settl - euke d Loi elyMe r ette a b for nce .me e ti hf t oyti i wn famil thei ru s m,er owev cs i chrea the s So, South ut b,tyiun comm an ngindfi nce of cha mi o c n us in oi se j eaPl ow. l he crou yb Swa YDVQDFXR<\OLPDI hel yllai ent d pot coul ous n ci tena her thiW a o y nce. esse .laic e i om cou e yreh is w siTh ma a s y e onl sir omp s cnaAsi onor ted d tmmi od c e an lbalia av i Reg .nayiLorf ether tog ng sy he ea t th wi ek -to- mail tik use R\ILQHYHGQ$HILOV·DQ\L/H n I. need n ent i i pat er oth p an end un th, fai ngierv nwa ue, tur a rt ow t rrma one ents w .n o mat tyelkie l ro much m t'sI Mhe T e Be on th ytiorn mi ll !ytrsieg he r on t . s easy ion itastr eg r e a ecomB he T Be ybou y toyl ect rdi ed DKDQ\L/KWLZKFWDPW·QRGX e a b ed to ster ieg rnayi L fact, erh of d suppo e an vo lngi n tcma a nar oum y ofr meone th so wi ch nsa th Asi Sou .ystr i Reg htca htgni ickl cy broon dedretis th wi nki the l e raShh. tcaM WVLJHUHKWQRHPDQUXR\JQLY sen was a she when ckabr dono s inayiLds, eni nd fr aylmi fa U\ s.e or ci n ethn w or %4 e a 4 va hy onl e- k bnie l nd ends a ir frou y XR\VQDHP A.L t UC aori on the dy ear al Bu .yer cov er d to oar ce n a cha nayi e Lvig ŵĂƐ͘ǁǁǁ ou can yy bb swa khee e c plmsi t a la tps://jo ht xt te ŐƌŽ͘ŽĨŶŝƌĂ - ĞĐĂĨ͘ǁǁǁͬͬ͗ƐƉƩŚ pon ex nces cha p her hel match. heet in.b rO anyli to 1474 6 ͬ'ZK͘ZD^ͬŵŽĐ͘ŬŽŽď - ƩŚ momen a se take eaPl .yl ential /liyna org ĂƐͬŵŽĐ͘ŵĂƌŐĂƚƐŶŝ͘ǁǁǁͬͬ͗ƐƉ d an, ster iegro t t ͬŽĨŶŝ͘ƌĂŵ