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8 CITY VIEWS October 23, 2020 – that’s all you need to know Northeast ‘Play At Home’ Online Carrom Tournament Concludes T he North Eastern United States Carrom Association Finals played over several days ending Oct. 17, 2020, had a winner for its unique ‘Play at Home’ Online Tournament between Louie Fernandes of Canada and Suan Khuptong of USA. 54 Participants took part in the event spanning 2 weeks ( Oct 5th to Oct 17th ). TheWinner of October 2020 NEUSCA ‘Play at home’ Online Tournament is Louie Fernandes from Canada and the Runners up is Suan Khupton of USA. The score in the Finals at end of play was 20-47, 20(7,5,4,4) by Louie Fernandes and 47(7,10,17,13) by Suan Khuptong. The player with lower score is the win- ner. Score count is by number of strokes missed pocketing a coin. Players played on their Carrom board from their respective homes on Facebook Live which was telecast on ITV Gold Tele- vision channel, Zoom and Audio Com- mentary during the match for viewers across North America, family, friends and special guests from the Carrom world. Both Players progressed to the Finals through the different stages, from initial ranking round where players played 3 sets each to League Round Robin round where players played Five sets each, to Quarters where players played 3 sets again with selective opponents, to Semi Finals which was league Round Robin between all play- ers, and eventually the Finals which was one set each, consisting of 4 boards. The Highlights of event in terms of slams, (a Slam could be aWhite Slam(WS) or a Black slam(BS) or a combo of both White slam and Black slam which is called an Ultimate Slam(US)) were: A total of 19 Slams were hit, out of which there were 2 Ultimate Slams (19 coins without a miss- ing a turn), 5White Slams ( 9 white coins with queen and cover ) and 11 Black Slams ( 9 Black Coins with queen and cover). Louie Fernandes scored Both the Ulti- mate slams and 4White Slams and 5 Black slams, totaling 11 slams in all. Khuptong scored aWhite and a Black Slam. Dr. Shivaram has scored 2 black slams, whileWajahat, Shibu Jose and Ahmer Ahmar scored One black slam each. Based on ranking, they were put in 3 different groups A(rank 1-15), B(rank 16-30), C(rank 31-54) with A being the champions Group. A total of 460 Sets were played, each set is either equal to 4 or 5 boards depending on the event stage, totalling to 1,880 boards, player to pocket 19 coins per board which means in all 35,720 coins were pocketed dur- ing the whole event. Group AWinner is Louie Fernandes(Canada) defeated Suan Khuptong(USA) 20-47 Third position play was won by Shibu Jose(USA) defeating Ajay Arora(USA) 28-34 Group BWinner is Suvarna Avadoota(USA) who defeated Te- jasvi Duduka(USA) - Scores 27-28 Group CWinnerWajahat (Canada )defeated Karthik Mohan (USA) - Scores 30-42 Another highlight was the event’s first stroke which was by Narayanan Mudaliar. A memorable moment in the tourna- ment was during the match between Bala Parathasarathy and Louie Fernandes during the 4th board of the Quarter finals, when Louie chasing Bala’s score of 20, was 23 at the end of 3rd board, his last board, and he needed a black slam to tie, a white slam to win. Instead he scored an Ulti- mate Slam to gain 10 bonus points and a win over Bala! That knocked out Bala from the tournament and gave Shibu Jose a spot in Semi. The Ultimate slam is 10 bo- nus points, White slam is 5 bonus points and Black slam is 3. In the Group B Finals, Suvarna won by 1 stroke in the dying moments of the 4th board, chasing Tejasvi’s 28 points. Well placed at the end of 3rd board, Suvarna was missing many coins as she felt the pressure, but finally used her experience to win by a stroke. In Group C , Wajahat had lost to Karthik by a stroke in the semi final, but came back in finals with a Black Slam to seal the match. Karthik playing in his first major tournament, showed great temper- ament and has a bright future in carrom. Sachin Kolte also of Group C came with his best with a score of 29 in the Semi Fi- nal though that was not enough to get him a spot in finals. The event was organized by NEUSCA for the third year in succes- sion and for the first time Online because of the Covid pandemic. Organizers gave special thanks in the press release, to Sponsors of the event Karim Rayani, Mohammed Masood, Prab- hu Raj, Pariwaar Delights Restaurant and for the Media Partners, ITV Gold Parikh Worldwide Media. Special thanks were given to the Chief Guest for the Finals, Oscar Phillips USCA secretary, and to Sha- keel Baig, president of NEUSCA, Arshad, secretary of NEUSCA and Sandeep Dusa, who provided the technical support. The Review panel consisted of Atul Bhave, Vishal Karangutkar, and Sridhar Gallipeli The Verification Team comprised of players ( Suvarna, Tejasvi, Narayan Mudaliar, Viral Parmar,Chakri, Sandeep Dosa, Shakeel Baig, Arshad, Ajya Arora and Prabhu Raj). Laxminarayanapuram Subramanian gave the running commen- tary for the Finals match. By a StaffWriter NEUSCA competition 2020 winner Louie Fernandes. Photo courtesy: NEUSCA A mid massive voter protection ef- forts, suit from League ofWomen Voters of NJ and ACLU-NJ seeks court order to provide electronic delivery of ballots that can be printed and mailed back Advocates asked a state court to order a remedy for voters displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic who do not receive a mail-in ballot from New Jersey by October 30 through no fault of their own. The League ofWomen Voters of New Jersey (LWVNJ) and ACLU-NJ made the request following troubling reports from the primary election that dozens of people did not receive ballots in time to exercise their franchise. Many of these voters were displaced within New Jersey or out-of- state and had made every effort to obtain a ballot at their temporary address. This suit dovetails with advocacy by LWVNJ, the ACLU-NJ, and their coali- tion partners to protect the right to vote, strengthen the democratic process, and provide public education about voting rights. “Every voter, including those who have been displaced, deserves to partici- pate in free and fair elections, and New Jersey has an obligation to do everything in its power to protect that right,” said League ofWomen Voters of New Jersey Executive Director Jesse Burns. “The state has already taken large-scale efforts to accommodate an extraordinarily chal- lenging election, and ensuring displaced voters receive the ballots they need must be a part of that response to adequately protect the right to vote.” New Jersey uses electronically deliv- ered ballots for overseas voters and mili- tary service members. It has also agreed this method is appropriate for people with disabilities. The suit requests that the state use a similar mechanism for voters who do not receive their ballots by October 30. “As of now, displaced New Jerseyans have to wait at their mailbox in hopes that the ballot they requested will ar- rive in time. If it doesn’t, they will be disenfranchised,” said ACLU-NJ Legal Director Jeanne LoCicero. “The state has an obligation to allow voters to exercise their rights, and today we’re asking the Court to ensure they can.” The lawsuit explains that because COVID-19 and its economic effects have displaced so many people from their homes, obtaining New Jersey’s univer- sally mailed ballots is much more dif- ficult, disenfranchising people who have sought but did not receive their ballot at a temporary address. “The right to vote is so fundamental that generations have fought and died for it. The state should honor that legacy, and that most fundamental right for New Jerseyans, by taking a simple step that could prevent hundreds of New Jerseyans from being disenfranchised,” said ACLU-NJ Executive Director Amol Sinha. “We’re still confronted by aggres- sive attacks on the right to vote, particu- larly against people of color, and New Jersey must take a stand to ensure that no one loses that right in this election” During the primary election in July, of the 138 complaints a national voter-protection hotline received from New Jersey, 41 of them – or 30 percent – reported that they never received their ballots in the mail, despite active voter registrations and good faith efforts. A significant number of these callers had requested their ballots be sent to tempo- rary addresses, but never received them, including college students whose schools had closed and who sought their ballots at family homes. The lawsuit, captioned League of Women Voters of New Jersey v. Way, was filed in the Law Division in New Jersey Superior Court, in Mercer County. This press release was originally pub- lished on ACLU’s website. Displaced NJ Voters Who Didn’t Receive Ballots In Mail Ask Court For Failsafe Alternative By A StaffWriter This Oct. 16, 2020, World Vegan Vision in collaboration With LT Food (Kaushik Vyas), and non-profit United Rudra Foundation donated 8,000 lbs of rice from LB Royal Basmati Rice, to religious and other institutions including to a temple, gurudwara, church, as well as to food pantry, and other Covid related organizations. Nitin Vyas, an entrepreneur and community activist who is public relations director of WVV, led the food drive, and has in the past been engaged with other COVID-19 relief work. He gave special thanks to SSAI Dr, Sunil Parikh, AIA President Uma Swaminathan, SEVA DIWALI Ganesh Ji, WINDSOR N.J GURUDWAR Jash- bir Singh, ISkcon Temple NJ,NY, WV President Madhupati Das , Hansraj Prabhu, Anirudh Prabhu, ELIJAH’S PROMISE , The Building Block NJ Mr Riaz Safi & SHRI KRISHNA TEMPLE N.J Mr.Raju , Kashi Subramanyum. Photos:courtesyWorldVeganVision World Vegan Vision Distributes Rice To Meet Food Insecurity Needs