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DESI TALK April 9, 2021 2 VASTU CORRECTION WITHOUT ANY DEMOLITION Vastu is a protection against unforseen circumstances and should be used to increase prosperity, family welfare and have a healty and peaceful life. Internationally Renowned Vastu Experts Mr. Vimal Jhajharia along with his father Mr N.K. Jhajharia and now his Australian MBA son Mr Vikas Jhajharia, have created a revolution in the field of Vastu Shastra. Their 3 Generations of expertise in providing ' Remedies without Demolition ' using the famous Vastu Shankha Yantra has earned them the faith and praise of millions of people in more than 40 western countries across the globe. They will be touring US from 14 th April 2021 to 21 st April 2021 on their half yearly trip. They have a huge list of successful clients including Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Scientists, Professionals, Architects, Interior Designers, etc Awarded in Dubai - Most influential Indian Vastu Consultant under 50 Years Being awarded by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat, India. Awarded "Vastu consultant of the year 2017" by Times of India Group Vimal Jhajharia with son Vikas Here is an extract of a small interview ‰b|_ |_;l ‰b|_ |_;bu 1Ѵb;m| |;vঞlomb-ѴvĹ What exactly is your famous Vastu "_-mh_- +-m|u-Ĵ m7 o‰ 1ov| ;@;1ࢼˆ; is it? | bv - 7bˆbm; ]b[ =uol o†u †u†fbķ |_; u;-| bl-Ѵ-‹-m +o]bķ "‰-lb †u]_-m-m7fbĺ It is an original conch v_;ѴѴķ CѴѴ;7 ‰b|_ l;|-ѴѴb1 ;Ѵ;l;m|v -m7 1_-u];7 Ő u-mŊru-ঞv_ঞ|_ő ‰b|_ rovbঞˆ; energies -m7 bv †v;7 |o u;1ঞ=‹ ˆ-v|† 7;=;1|v ‰b|_o†| -m‹ hbm7 o= -Ѵ|;u-ঞomv ou 7;loѴbঞom |o |_; ;Šbvঞm] ru;lbv;vĺ | bv †v;7 bm 7b@;u;m| ‰-‹v bm 7b@;u;m| rѴ-1;v |o u;1ঞ=‹ -m‹ hbm7 o= Ѵ-m7 7;=;1|vķ ˆ-v|† 7;=;1|v ou ;m;u]‹ 7;=;1|v ‰b|_o†| -m‹ lo7bC1-ঞomvĺ TESTIMONIALS m7ouvbm] |_; (-v|† "_-mh +-m|u- bv - uolbm;m| !;v|-†u-m| o‰m;u u _bu-f -|;Ѵ =uol |_; &" ĺ u -|;Ѵ v-‹vķ ľ); _-ˆ; -m m7b-m u;v|-†u-m| _;u; bm &" ‰_b1_ ‰-v mo| 7obm] ‰;ѴѴĺ $_o†]_ lom;‹ ‰-v 1olbm] bm 0†| b| ‰-v mo| v|-‹bm] -m7 ;Šr;mv;v ‰;u; bm1u;-vbm] 7-‹ 0‹ 7-‹ĺ ); _-7 - Ѵo| o= _-rr‹ 1†v|ol;uv 0†| vঞѴѴ |_; v-Ѵ;v ‰-v vঞѴѴ 7uorrbm]ĺ )_;m v_o‰;7 (bl-Ѵf -m7 (bh-vfb |_; u;v|-†u-m|ķ ‰; 1-l; |o u;-Ѵbv; |_-| |_; hb|1_;m "|oˆ; rѴ-1;l;m|v ‰-v mo| -11ou7bm] |o |_; rubm1brѴ;v o= (-v|†ĺ Ѵvo |_;u; ‰;u; vol; lou; 0-vb1 ˆ-v|† 7;=;1|vĺ (bl-Ѵfb |_;m †v;7 |_;bu v_-mh_ ‹-m|u-v bm 7b@;u;m| Ѵo1-ঞomv |o u;1ঞ=‹ |_bv 7;=;1| ‰b|_o†| -m‹ 7;loѴbঞom or changes -m7 |_;m lbu-1†Ѵo†vѴ‹ |_; ruo0Ѵ;lv v|-u|;7 7blbmbv_bm] om; 0‹ om;ĺ †u "-Ѵ;v v|-u|;7 bm1u;-vbm] -m7 lom;‹ v|-u|;7 -11†l†Ѵ-ঞm]ĺ ); -u; l†1_ lou; 1ol=ou|-0Ѵ; mo‰ -m7 ‰o†Ѵ7 u;1oll;m7 (bl-Ѵfb -m7 (bh-vfb |o ;ˆ;u‹om;ĺĿ mo|_;u v†11;vv=†Ѵ v|ou; o‰m;u Mr Rishabh Jain v-‹v ľ _-ˆ; - b] 7;r-u|l;m|-Ѵ "|ou; _;u; bm |_; &" -m7 ‰-v =-1bm] - Ѵo| o= ruo0Ѵ;lv u;Ѵ-|;7 |o Cm-m1;ĺ (bh-vfb ‰_;m v-‰ |_; rѴ-1; _; moঞ1;7 |_-| o†u ;m|u‹ ‰-v =uol vo†|_ -m7 o†u mou|_ ‰-v 1olrѴ;|;Ѵ‹ 0Ѵo1h;7ĺ ; |_;m rѴ-1;7 |_; ‹-m|u-v bm v†1_ - ‰-‹ |_-| _; or;m;7 o†u ou|_ =uol ‰_;u; rovbঞˆ; ;m;u]‹ v|-u|;7 1olbm] -m7 0Ѵo1h;7 o†u vo†|_ =uol ‰_;u; m;]-ঞˆ; ;m;u]‹ ‰-v 1olbm] ‰b|_o†| -m‹ r_‹vb1-Ѵ 1_-m];vĺ ); v-‰ lbu-1†Ѵo†v u;v†Ѵ|v oˆ;umb]_| -m7 o†u v|ou; v|-u|;7 7obm] ‰om7;uvĺ ); -u; u;-ѴѴ‹ ]u-|;=†Ѵ |o (bl-Ѵfb -m7 (bh-vfb =ou v_o‰bm] †v |_; ub]_| ‰-‹ |o v†11;vv ĺĿ u -bm =†u|_;u -77vķ ľ o‰ 1omv†Ѵ| _-f_-ub-fb om -ѴѴ o†u ;Šbvঞm] v|ou;v -m7 _o†v;v -v |_; 0;v| r-u| -0o†| _bl bv _; 7o;vmĽ| v†]];v| -m‹ hbm7 o= 7;loѴbঞom ou 1_-m];v |o |_; ;Šbvঞm] premises Ŀĺ Can Vastu Shankha Yantra be used in houses as well? +;vķ | bv †v;7 ;Š|;mvbˆ;Ѵ‹ bm _o†v;v |o u;1ঞ=‹ |_; ˆ-v|† 7;=;1|v ‰b|_o†| -m7 1_-m];v ou 7;loѴbঞom vr;1b-ѴѴ‹ _;u; bm |_; &" ‰_;u; |_; 1_-m];v -u; mo| rovvb0Ѵ; ;-vbѴ‹ĺ | bm1u;-v;v r;-1; -m7 _-ulom‹ bm |_; _o†v; 0‹ bm1u;-vbm] |_; !;Ѵ-ঞomv_br Ѵ;ˆ;Ѵv -lom]v| -ѴѴ |_; =-lbѴ‹ l;l0;uvĺ | _;Ѵrv in 1_bѴ7u;mĽv v|†7b;v -m7 bm1u;-vbm] oˆ;u-ѴѴ ruovr;ub|‹ o= -ѴѴ |_; =-lbѴ‹ l;l0;uvĺ | =†u|_;u _;Ѵrv bm h;;rbm] |_; health of all |_; =-lbѴ‹ l;l0;uv 1_-u];7 -m7 rovbঞˆ; ĺ (bh-v _-f_-ub-ķ vom o= (bl-Ѵfbķ bv |_; ƒu7 ];m;u-ঞom bm |_; =-lbѴ‹ |o 7o ˆ-v|†ĺ ; _-v 0;;m _;Ѵrbm] |o vru;-7 |_; hmo‰Ѵ;7]; o= (-v|† -[;u 1olrѴ;ঞm] _bv =uol †v|u-Ѵb-ĺ ; v-‹vķ ľ [;u rѴ-1bm] |_; ‹-m|u-v bm |_; -1|oub;vķ L1;vķ "_orv |_; 1_;lb1-Ѵ =oul†Ѵ-; o= |_; m-|†u; ‰ouhv bm v†1_ - - ‰-‹ |_-| |_; ruo7†1ঞom v|-u|v |o bm1u;-v;vķ Ѵ-0o†u bvv†;v ];| u;voѴˆ;7 -m7 "-Ѵ;v u7;uv v|-u| ro†ubm] bmĺ | _-v 0;;m |ub;7 -m7 |;v|;7 ;Š|u;l;Ѵ‹ v†11;vv=†ѴѴ‹ bm lou; |_-m ƐƑƏ 1o†m|ub;v -uo†m7 |_; ‰ouѴ7 oˆ;u - r;ubo7 o= lou; |_-m ƒƏ ‹;-uv 0‹ l‹ u-m7=-|_;uķ -|_;u -m7 l‹v;Ѵ=ĺ o‰ lou; -m7 lou; "|ou;vķ L1;vķ o|;Ѵvķ !;v|-†u-m|vķ o7o‰mv -m7 o†v;v -u; 1-†ঞo†vѴ‹ †vbm] |_; (-v|† "_-mh_- +-m|u- |o l-Šblbv; |_;bu ruoC|-0bѴb|‹ Ѵ;ˆ;ѴvĺĿ Mr Vikas will be in US from 14 th to 21 st April 2021. For further details on the Vastu Shankh Yantra and for prior appointments, Please Contact Mr. Vikas Jhajharia on India No, also you can whatsapp call on +91 9839704470 | +91 7388578888 | +91 6393744022 | Email: Website: Follow on Facebook at Vastukalp_ Trusted Clinetele in more than 120 countries z ƒ ;m;u-ঞomv (-v|† Šr;u|v z †ѴঞrѴ; Ѵo0-Ѵ ‰-u7 ‰bmm;uv z ƒƏ ‹;-uv o= Šr;ub;m1; Awarded the best international Guru by Bollywood Diva Kangana Ranaut in Bangkok, Thailand In 2019