Desi Talk – that’s all you need to know 5 COVER STORY September 23, 2022 I ndia’s Prime Minister delivered a rallying speech to the nation from historic Red Fort August 15, 2022, urging citizens to grasp this moment and pledge to make the ‘Amrit Kaal” or next 25 years the most glorious for the country; do away with remnants of servi- tude, take pride in the culture, strength- en unity and most of all, recognize the duties and responsibilities of citizenship. Life Global, a nonprofit in India, and Life Global USA, raised half a million dollars at its 5th Anniversary Gala held in Edison, New Jersey Sept. 18, 2022. ParikhWorldwide Media led by its founder and chairman Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh, who is also chairman of Life Global USA, co-hosted the event with Amar Shah, founder and treasurer of Life Global. At the event, attendees got to know about the work of partner organization Project ‘Life’ India, over the last 25 years, in areas of primary education, women’s empowerment, and Thalassaemia awareness. Some 300 supporters gathered at Mi- rage Banquet in Edison, N.J., including board members of Life Global/Project ‘Life’ to hear about the organization, and opened up their hearts and wallets for programs in India that seek to improve education and empower women, and seek to end Thalassaemia through vari- ous projects conducted by partner orga- nization Project ‘Life’ India. Bollywood actress Asha Parekh was the most feted guest at the event. Extending a warm welcome to all those present, including Life Global board members, Dr. Parikh, said at the start of his address, that he was a fan of Asha Parekh since the 1970s. “We are thrilled to have among us, a legend of Indian Cinema - Asha Parekh - Thank you so much for making the time for us Asha-ji,” said Dr. Parikh. “As Chairman of Life Global it is my great pleasure and privilege to extend a warm welcome to all on the 5th Anniver- sary Gala of this extraordinary organiza- tion Life Global and its partner, Project ‘Life’,” Dr. Parikh said. “We also welcome Meetal Koticha Shah, Joint Executive Trustee of Proj- ect ‘Life’ – whose family has carried out many decades of social service in Rajkot,” Dr. Parikh noted, and Rushikesh Pandya who has devoted 25 years to Project ‘Life’. “Welcome to all of you for believing in us and supporting the humanitarian activities of Life Global & Project ‘Life’, India,” said Dr. Parikh, who later gave an interview to ITV Gold about the great success of the event. He dwelt on the achievements and goals that the 5th anniversary gala was celebrating. As examples, he cited the upscaling 108 primary schools and setting new targets of rebuilding 121 Schools in rural Gujarat; women’s em- powerment which started with just 28 women in 2008 and today had helped 10,000, with the target of training 15,000 by 2025. Dr. Parikh also mentioned the Thalassaemia-awareness campaign that plans to go national and make India free of this scourge. “Friends, we are moving strategically to build a global presence,” Dr. Parikh said. Apart from a chapter in U.K., “In a short span of time, we have opened 3 chapters in the US – New Jersey, Cali- fornia, and Texas. We are poised to open up services in other countries - Canada, Australia and Dubai for starters,” he added. Dr. Parikh urged everyone to gener- ously donate and encouraged them to participate in the auction of cricket bats signed by famous Indian cricketers, to raise funds for India projects. “Today’s fundraiser is focused on the school that Mahatma Gandhi built 125 years ago in Khedbrahma! We want to transform that facility into a state-of-the-art residential school,” said Dr. Parikh. The auction of autographed cricket bats was a big success. During the auc- tion, Dr. Parikh engaged the audience in an enthusiastic exchange, announc- ing starting prices in the thousands of dollars, for 6 bats signed by 9 of India’s Photos:HemantPandya/FridayFilms By a StaffWriter Bollywood legend Asha Parekh, right, with Dr. Purvi Parikh 2nd from right, and Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Life Global USA, at the Sept. 18, 2022, 5th anniversary gala of Life Global and Project ‘Life’ India, held in Edison, N.J. Life Global Raises $500,000 In New Jersey For Primary Education, Women’s Empowerment In India From left, Sharad Shah, Arun Palkhiwala, Amar Shah, singer Shweta, legendary actress Asha Parekh, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Dr. Varun Jeph, singer Abhijit, pose for a photo at the Sept. 18, 2022, Life Global/Project ‘Life’ India, 5th anniversary gala and fundraiser. Asha Parekh Arun Palkhiwala Dr. Sudhir Parikh Meetal Koticha Shah Amar Shah Rushikesh Pandya Dr. Varun Jeph Senator Sam Thompson B.K. Modi SoHo Johnny - Continued On Page 6