Desi Talk – that’s all you need to know 6 COVER STORY September 23, 2022 leading cricketers – individual bats by Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Rahul Dravid, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and one bat signed by three cricketers Rishabh Pant, Ajinkya Rahane and Axar Patel. Kohli’s bat went for a whopping $10,000 to Panna Desai, who told ITV Gold she got it for her nephew, a cricket enthusiast. The highlight of the Sept. 18, 2022, evening was renowned Bollywood actress and philanthropist Asha Parekh. Parekh’s birthday was also celebrated at the event with a song and cake cutting ceremony. Asha Parekh spoke of her long association with Project ‘Life’ saying, “My involvement with Project ‘Life’, In- dia began almost two decades ago. Today, I stand here humbled and committed, because of it. Thank you, Project ‘Life’, for this amazing journey and giving this huge honour,” Parekh said, adding, “On my numerous trips to villages across India, I spent quality time with youngsters, especially young women and experienced the need of empowering them and creating construc- tive opportunities. I am proud to stand with Life Global to build a world where women’s rights are respected and protected.” Parekh also encouraged Life Global to expand its work on Thalassaemia awareness. The Chief Guest was India’s Deputy Consul General in NewYork, Dr. Varun Jeph. He thanked organizers for inviting him and spoke about India’s moral values, most of all ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam’- the world is one. He praised the work carried out by Life Global. Amar Shah in his welcome speech expressed “deep” appreciation to supporters of the humanitarian activi- ties being carried by Life Global through Project ‘Life’, its favorite partner NGO in India. Joint Executive Trustee, Project ‘Life’ Meetal Koti- cha Shah, shared the journey of the organization and circumstances under which the charity was formed, starting with the modest contribution of Rupees 101 by Shashikant and Chandrakant Koticha, founders of the organizations, who faced many hardships at a young age. She also extended an invitation to those present to visit the offices and projects in Rajkot, Gujarat, and invited all to the Dance & Garba for Seniors &Youth with Dr. Dhiren Buch (Garba King) September 25, at Sanatan Dharma Temple, Norwalk, CA. Chief Development & Operating Officer of Project ‘Life’ Rushikesh Pandya, briefed those present about the work done by Life Education Centre and LifeWomen Empow- erment Programme. The Indian and American national anthems were sung at the event. Master of ceremonies Rohit Vyas, along with Shah and Dr. Arun Palkhiwala, president of Life Global USA, presented the work of the organization, and in an ITV Gold interview, he described the fundraising event as a success. A video of the organization was screened during the event. The musical evening was kicked off by Abhijit & Shweta and their orchestra. Also present were NewYork philanthropist John Velas- co, and musical ambassador and motivational speaker SoHo Johnny who is known for bringing people together in support of charity. Several philanthropists at the event pledged new com- mitments, among themVarsha & Harish Patel, Panna & Kirit Desai, Nayna & Dipak Shah whose donation of $100,000 was announced by Dr. Parikh, to upgrade and name a school of their choice; sister of Anju Pravin Ajmera, Mina Daftary from Atlanta, Harshad Lakhani & Deepak Parekh from Dallas through Life Global Texas. Dimple & Bina Doshi, Vinod Kachroo, Rajbir Singh, and others also contributed to the auction of cricket bats. During the auction Dr. Shah announced Anju & Pravin Ajmera who committed their contribution for school project. They were felicitated by Nimisha & Purvi Bhatt. Dr. Mahesh Varia, vice president, Life Global, announced an endowment fund for theWomen Empowerment Pro- gram, named ‘Dr. Indu Varia Endowment Fund’. In an interview with ITV Gold after the main event, Arun Palkiwala, head of the Life Global Foundation, spoke of the many goals of the organization. Meetal Koticha Shah also spoke to ITV Gold about the success and support from North Americans for the India projects. She emphasized the need for primary schools, women’s empowerment and ending Thalassaemia. Rushikesh Pandya described the many projects undertaken in India, and said the objective of the primary school projects was to connect India’s underprivileged children to the world. Life Global Raises $500,000 In New Jersey For Primary Education, Women’s Empowerment In India Late Jaswant Shah New Jersey State Senator Sam Thompson, 3rd from right, being presented a bouquet by Dr. Sudhir Parikh, at the Life Global & Project ‘Life’ India 5th anniversary gala fundraiser in Edison, N.J., Sept. 18, 2022, as executive members of Life Global and Project ‘Life’ join to pose for a picture. Dr. Sudhir Parikh place s a shawl in appreciation on Dr. Dipak Shah, who donated $100,000 to Life Global/Project ‘Life’ India projects, at the Sept. 18, 2022, anniversary gala of Life Global held in New Jersey. From left, Amar Shah, Meetal Koticha Shah, Ketki Shah, Mrs. Arun Palkhiwala, and special guest legendary actress Asha Parekh, at the Sept. 1 8 , 2022, Life Global/Project ‘Life’ India, 5th anniversary gala and fundraiser. Parekh also celebrated her birthday at the event. - Continued From Page 5 “At this point of time we can not forget Late Mr. Jasvant Shah who was founder of Life Global. Here on completion of 5 years of Life Global, Project ‘Life’ India and Life Global are acknowledging and upholding his unmatchable contribution in conceptualizing, formulating and crystallizing Life Global because he was the person who has registered for 501(C)3 & obtained Life Global USA approval as a charity registration with Federal Government. Because of his untiring ef- forts he was acknowledged by Life Global’s first award. So here at this juncture Life Global & Project ‘Life’ India expresses a sincere gratitude for Late Jasvantbhai for his untiring efforts and support for a cause.” -Life Global Photos:HemantPandya/FridayFilms Photo:Life Global/Project ‘Life’