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23 November 24, 2017 This week for you B Y D R . P REM K UMAR S HARMA E-mail: Tel & Fax: +91-0172-562832 , 572874 ARIES: Auspicious week to start a new venture. An important development at personal front brings jubilation for entire family. Long-term investment would enable tomake substantial gains.You enjoy amemorable timewith partner to cement the lovely bond. A beneficial week towork on things that will improve your health. Dreaming of traveling is good. You find yourself having a desire to do something creative. TAURUS: You need a careful planning and will have to chalk out new strategies at professional front. Parental guidance in your decision would immensely help. Your brilliant ideas would help in bring- ing financial gains. Great time for perfect family vacation to an exciting destina- tion. Investing residentially is one thing you can rely on. Your highly developed intuition would act as a guide to lead in a positive direction. GEMINI: Pending proposals will get implemented with the help of seniors. The company of friends will keep you in a happymood. You seem to know exactly what people need and want fromyou, but don’t try to be too lavish in your spending. Mental alertness would en- able to solve a tricky problem. Deals on commercial property can tend to be at full boom. Turning thoughts towards love and fun would immensely benefit. CANCER: Subordinates/co-workers would be very helpful. Believe it or not someone in the family is watching you closely and considers you a rolemodel. A pleasure trip gives themuch-needed tonic to health. You will discover travel destinations that are unique andmagi- cal. Time to spendmoney on your homely accommodations. Adhering to your priorities would be gainful in the long term. LEO: Mental clarity would remove past business confusions. You will be the star of attraction of family’s get-together. Your wit & charmwould help in catching the at- tention of opposite sex. Charity work undertaken will bringmental peace Your journeymight be affected when you begin to yearn for your work. Time to plan a gift for your parents may be their dreamhome. Some of plan to go on an adventure to broaden horizons. VIRGO: Good week for implementing new plans and ventures. A week whenmisunderstand- ings at family front are sorted out with ease. A promising week to earn profits in real estate and financial transactions. Traveling proves a blessing in disguise by bringing a love in your life. Good time to divert attention to spiritu- ality to enhancemental toughness. Investment on overseas property has to be considered seriously. LIBRA: Traveling brings new overseas business opportunities. Don’t forget to spend quality time in the company of family friends you care. You are likely tomake good money, but the rise in expenses could make it difficult to save. A trip that is unconventional and adventurous will be favourable enjoy everyminute of it. Your convictions give you the courage to stand up for justice, values. SCORPIO: Professional attitude at work brings success. A happy time in the company of friends and relatives as they domany favours to you. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. Your confidence and energy will be high in this week. Take some time to travel with your spouse for romance and se- duction. Purchasing of electrical appli- ances can be done. You try to take some time to pursue hobbies to keep yourself busy. SAGITTARIUS: Learn frompast mistakes and keep long-term interest inmind at profes- sional front. Shopping with familymembers will be highly pleasura- ble and exciting. Speculations are likely to bringmonetary profits. Success would bring unlimited joy. Spiritual vacation is a quest for life, plan it and enjoy it with your family. You find yourself in search of creative pursuits to make life joyous and fulfilling. CAPRICORN: Your efforts to put yourself in a strong position at workplace are not likely to materialise. Enjoying the company of close relatives will brighten your evening. Certain important plans will be executed, bringing fresh financial gains.Warm romantic thoughts occupy mind. Aweek when smile will perpetu- ally be on your face and strangers will seem familiar. A good deal for residen- tial property is ahead. AQUARIUS: Hard work & dedication would win the trust of seniors at work. Share the company of close relatives who under- stand your feelings.Hard work of previous days brings good fortune enabling to fulfill monetary promises. Don’t give into unnecessary demands of romantic partner. Positive outlook impresses those around you besides keeping you fit & fine. Group activity is likely to bring a lot of happiness. PISCES: Seniors colleagues are likely to lend a helping hand. You will be at the limelight in a social gathering provided you attend. Monetary position is likely to improve later in the week. Love life brightens your week. Your energy level will be high. Better to channelize it in a positive direction. Vacation full of beauty and history as well as exciting is waiting for you. Your investment plans are at full boomand youmight succeed in them. _ ` a b c d e f g h i ^ ASTROLOGY SWAMI MANJITJI WORLD FAMOUS ASTROLOGER PALMIST & SPIRITUAL HEALER Tel: 718-358-2901 1143 Fortune Court, Wantagh, NY 11793 website: Consult Swami Manjitji for Accurate Horoscope Reading, Palm Reading and likelihood of Major Events of Life, Love, Marriage, Children, Employment, Health, Business, Immigra- tion, Real Estate, and Court Cases, Lucky Stones and Lucky Numbers. Swamijee Removes Black Magic, Gives Protection and Helps in Resolving various Problems by Powerful Holy Mantras andMeditation on God. Politicians, Bureaucrats and Doctors also consult him. Swamijee also teaches Astrology with 90% accurate predictions. 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