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23 January 19, 2018 This week for you B Y D R . P REM K UMAR S HARMA E-mail: Tel & Fax: +91-0172-562832 , 572874 ARIES: You are likely tomeet someone this week, whomay become your lifelong friend. Problems on thework front will be easily overcome. Excelling in academics will add to yourmotivation to do even better. A family youngster is likely to do you proud. Romancemay be high on your list of priorities this week! Good earning can be expected, as a venture turns profitable. Health remains good, as you become conscious about fitness. TAURUS: You are likely to derive im- mense satisfaction fromwhat you are currently involved in. Someone not agreeing with your professional views may need a wee bit more convincing. A senior is likely to take the delay in your project in his or her stride. A new household item is likely to be purchased by some. A visit to a place of entertainment is on the cards. You are likely to take up an exercise regimen soon. GEMINI: You will need to be conscious of what is going around you at work. Adding some rich clien- tele to the list of clients is pos- sible for some professionals. A profit making scheme is likely to be put into effect and give excellent results. Some of you are likely to spend a happy and healthy time with a fitness conscious friend. There is no point in being too assertive on the romantic front, you will only upset lover. CANCER: Youmay havemore on your plate than you can tackle, but that won’t deter you fromgiv- ing it your best. Someone in- fluential is likely to take care of your financial well being. Keeping fit may be- come your mantra to begin indulging in healthy activities. Someone can irritate you on the professional front.However, playing cool will be sensible. Holding hands and exchanging sweet nothings with lover may not be possible. LEO: A chance to visit someplace you had wanted to for longmay materialise this week. You will be able tomould a senior to accept your ideas on the professional front. Exceptional performance on the academic front is foreseen and will help you join the lead pack. Some celebration is foreseen on the home front. Getting engaged or married is on the cards for the eligible. Judicious spending will help you tide over on the financial front. VIRGO: Things brighten up for you on the academic front. A good equation is likely to be formed with someone on the social front. A family youngster is likely to do you proud by academic performance. Things are likely to turn favourable at work and boost your career prospects. A favourable decision regarding property can be expected by those facing litiga- tion. Some of you will resurrect your love life by stoking the embers of passion! LIBRA: It will be in your interest to follow and not to lead. Those unwell are likely to show rapid recov- ery and will be up and about in no time. Your style of functioning is likely to impress seniors. Getting into a favourable situation on the academic front is possible. Your helpful attitude will make you popular on the social front. You can become a source of inspi- ration to a youngster. SCORPIO: You need to make health and fitness your focus and do something about it. An achievement at work is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. Expect your academic aspirations to be met without much difficulty. You are likely to be very much in on the social front and make it a point to meet everyone. Those who have saved to splurge on this week, will find it worth it. SAGITTARIUS: A business trip is likely to provemost fruitful for some. Those inmedical and engineering fields will find recognition in whatever they are currently pursuing. Youmay take the initiative of hosting a family gathering at your house. Someone you are in love with is likely to reciprocate in equal measure, so enjoy! Travelling with some- one interesting promises tomake the journey entertaining. Taking the family out for a spin will be fun. CAPRICORN: Don’t let changes perturb you, as they are likely to be of advantage to you later on. Chance of being inducted into a committee or made amember of some board appears likely for some on the professional front. Preferential treat- ment is likely at work as youmanage to remain on the right side of the boss. Your academic prowess is likely to be acknowledged, as you achieve some- thing special. AQUARIUS: Not being able to attend a function will be disappoint- ing, but little you can do about it. Financial stability is assured. Money given to someone will be returned. Self-control is likely to become a key to your maintaining good health. Youmay not be able to impress superiors with your performance on the professional front. Love life is slated to suffer a setback. An ancestral property may be contested. PISCES: Youmay find those around you more secretive. Hasty actions threaten to spoil your image on the social front. Changes on the professional front may not be to your liking, but little you can do about it. Dipping profits may become a cause for alarm for retailers and small business- men. Your relationship appears to be on the rocks, as differences grow. Those looking for a quick path to success on the fitness front may be disappointed. _ ` a b c d e f g h i ^ ASTROLOGY SWAMI MANJITJI WORLD FAMOUS ASTROLOGER PALMIST & SPIRITUAL HEALER Tel: 718-358-2901 1143 Fortune Court, Wantagh, NY 11793 website: Consult Swami Manjitji for Accurate Horoscope Reading, Palm Reading and likelihood of Major Events of Life, Love, Marriage, Children, Employment, Health, Business, Immigra- tion, Real Estate, and Court Cases, Lucky Stones and Lucky Numbers. Swamijee Removes Black Magic, Gives Protection and Helps in Resolving various Problems by Powerful Holy Mantras andMeditation on God. Politicians, Bureaucrats and Doctors also consult him. Swamijee also teaches Astrology with 90% accurate predictions. 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