Desi Talk – that’s all you need to know 6 CITY VIEWS February 9, 2024 Telugu NRIs In Tri-State Celebrate CM Reddy’s Victory In Telangana State, India M embers of the Telugu NRI (non-resident Indians) community and Indian Overseas Congress USA Telangana Chapter celebrated the new Telangana Government formed un- der the leadership of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy on Feb 3, 2024, at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords NJ. Indian Overseas Congress Global Chairman Sam Pitroda addressed the gathering, followed by the Chief Minister Reddy along with his cabinet over a zoom call. The program that evening was packed with cultural activities and celebrations. The event was attended by more than 600 people, according to organizers. The elected leaders from the government addressed the gathering over a zoom call that was displayed on a digital wall. Ex-TPCC President and cabinet minister in cur- rent government Uttam Kumar Reddy was one of the speakers and he elaborated on the good governance of the new government in last 60 days. He received a standing ovation for his speech. Member of the Legislative Assembly Vivek Venkatas- wamy, spoke on the occasion and NRI returned MLA Yashaswini and her mother-in-law IOC USA executive member also addressed the audience from India. The celebrations were overseen and organized by IOC USA working President Rajeshwar Reddy; Telanga- na Chapter President Ram Gadula; Telangana Chapter Chairman Pradeep Samala; and Telugu NRI commu- nity leaders Ramesh Chandra and Anna Reddy. The event was attended by IOC USA President Mo- hinder Singh, Secretary General Harbachan Singh and many other IOC and community leaders along with national and local Telugu organizations. By a StaffWriter Indian American Veteran Of NYPD Among 2 Cops Assaulted By Mob A nineteen-year veteran officer of the NYPD, Ben Kurian, was as- saulted by a group of men Jan. 27, 2024, along with a colleague and they tried to prevent a fight. A video making the rounds on theWeb shows the two police officers, Lieutenant Kurian and his colleague, Police Officer Tian Zunxu, telling a few men to move on. NewYork Post quoting police sources and surveillance footage, reported Jan. 31, that a group of men “ganged up on the two cops, kicking and pummeling them, after the officers broke up a disorderly group around 8:30 p.m. Saturday onWest 42nd Street, near Seventh Avenue…” Chief of Patrol at NYPD John Chell, is quoted saying 8 men assaulted the two po- lice officers. Several of them were arrested and charged on a count of second-degree assault on a police officer and obstructing governmental administration. According to NYPost, all the men were migrants from countries in Latin America. The incident took place near a shelter, news reports said. The police officers suffered minor injuries. Lt. Kurian joined the NYPD in 2005. He became a sergeant in 2012, and in 2021, he was promoted to Lieutenant. By a StaffWriter A group of men assaulting two police officers Jan. 27, 2024. Victory celebrations by IOC Leaders for the Government of Telangana, India, held Feb. 3, 2024, at Royal Albert’s Palace, Fords, NJ. Those in photo include Mohinder Singh IOC USA President, Pradeep Samala IOC USA Working President, Harbachan Singh IOC USA Secretary General John Joseph IOC USA Working President, Rajeshwar Reddy IOC USA Tengana Chapter President, Sharyth Chandra, Ram Gadula, Md.Mujahd Murtuza. From left, Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani, Telangana Chapter President, IOC USA; Ram Gadula, Telangana Chapter Chairman, IOC USA; Pradeep Samala, Working President, IOC, USA; Ramesh Chandra, NRI com- munity leader. A section of the audience at the victory party for the Telangana government, by Telugu NRIs and IOC-USA, Feb. 3, 2024, at Royal Albert’s Palace. PHOTO:videograb Photo: IOC-USA Photo: IOC-USA Photo: ITV Gold